About Us

Force Production, Inc. is a firearms manufacturer located at the edge of the Hill Country in Central Texas. Charles Watson, co-owner and Chief Engineer, has run and operated the facility in Liberty Hill since 2007. Here at Force Production, we evaluate firearms that interest us and strive to improve the efficiency of the weapons we choose with the intention of creating the most innovative products in the firearm industry. Don't forget to check out our Force Honeycomb Lightening System, a revolutionary fluting design.

Simply put, our goal is to optimize your shooting experience.

Charles Watson

Charles Watson Is currently employed at STI International in Georgetown, Texas as Chief Engineer and Production Manager. A 1982 graduate of Pine Tree High school in Longview, Texas. From 1980 to 1989 worked in electric motor winding and redesign. He is certified as a Texas State Firefighter. In 1989 began programing CNC's for job shops that worked in the firearms industry, including STI International. In 1996 STI International recruited him to work full time as their Engineer. Mission Statement For the millions of fans and devotees of the Ruger 10/22…. While we are grateful for the opportunity to serve the millions of enthusiasts of the John Browning 1911, we decided it was time to devote some time to another market. FORCE Production was created for that purpose. While making parts for other manufactures, we realized there could be improvements and innovation for the 10/22. From the concept of form follow function, we have created the best of both worlds. With our vast knowledge of expertise in the global high end 1911 market, we have traversed the Rubicon to deliver the ultimate product for our customers. All products are produced from the highest quality materials (always billet) utilizing CNC Mills, Lathes and Wire EDM machine. We incorporate the

David L. Skinner

David L. Skinner is the past CEO/President of STI International, Inc. Mr. Skinner served a full term in the U.S. Air Force and has put in 43 years in the manufacturing industry. He has held numerous positions in the manufacturing industry ranging from a test technician and quickly moving up to upper management. Eleven years after starting in the electronic manufacturing industry Mr. Skinner founded an electronic subcontracting company called TESSCO, Inc. Seven years after he founded TESSCO and its’ subsidiaries (TESSCO Specialties, Inc. and TESSCO Microelectronics, Inc.) it had been recognized as the Austin areas fastest growing privately held company on two occasions, had been honored three times as Williamson County’s largest private employer (437 employees), and been feted by the Inc. 500 (magazine and organization) three years in a row as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America, including a stint in the #71 slot. 12 years after opening TESSCO he successfully sold these companies to a publicly traded firm. For two years, Mr. Skinner served as a Founding Director of the Georgetown Industrial Foundation. He then started a new electronics company in Georgetown named Nextus, Inc and in 1994 he bought a small firearms manufacturer named STI International Inc. In 1996 he sold Nextus to devote his available time and full professional attention to STI. In 2005, Mr. Skinner sold STI International Inc. to an Employee Stock Ownership Trust (ESOT). During this time Mr. Skinner has also founded, bought and/or sold a historic Texas dance hall, a bail bonds company, a home restoration company, three machine shops, and four other small electronics companies while buying and selling residential and commercial real estate and buying and leasing equipment to other companies.

Board Experience

Mr. Skinner has served on the B.O.D. of all the companies that he has owned (in whole or in part), on several for which he authored the business plans, for a $100,000,000.00 publicly traded corporation, and the Georgetown Industrial Foundation.

Personal Statement

After 43 years experience in Supervision and Management with 33 of those years having been as an entrepreneur, I am well qualified to serve on almost any B.O.D. Specifically, as the past Owner/President of STI International, Inc. for twelve years and Chairman of the Board of STI during the three plus years that it has been owned by the STI Employee Stock Ownership Trust, I have full knowledge of the inner workings of this organization and of the world firearms trade. During my tenure in position, the company has grown by more than 850% and is poised for another rapid growth period.